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X-Country Hotels & Resorts e.V.
is a project from MTS Austria GmbH
Marketing Tourismus Synergie
Saalfeldnerstrasse 14
5751 Maishofen, Austria

Phone: +43 6542 804 80-25
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VAT ID No.: ATU68492419
ZVR registration number: 48592523

MTS Austria GmbH
Legal representative: Mag. Gerald Moore
VAT ID No.: ATU73521405
Commercial Registry No.: FN 482041 i
Professional Division: Market communication, Tourist agency

Media Owner: MTS Austria GmbH
Jurisdiction: Zell am See
Competent Authority: Borough of Zell am See
Chamber Affiliation: Economic Chamber Salzburg
Professional Division: Market communication, Tourist agency

The purpose of the company is the constantly improvement of the publicity of the trademark "Cross Country Ski Holidays" and "MTS Austria GmbH" as well as the image of this brand with advertising activities and public relations. The utilisation of all informations, documents or other data on the website of the media owner are subject to the following conditions of use.

Purpose of the association
The association, whose activity is not targeted at profit, intends the increase of the copetitiveness, the securing of the livelihood of the accomodation provider of the collaboration society and the extraction of a new class of guests - cross country skiers - through profiling and differentiation. Increasing of quality in service, information and experiences for cross country skiers.

Enrico Comini, chairman
Daniela Kari, cashier
Christine Glantschnig, secretary

Fundamental direction
Information for cross country ski holidays in Austria, Italy, Germany and Slovenia (hotels and regions), proposal preparation, marketing tasks and implementation of the measures for hotels and the offering group.

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6. Online-dispute resolution according to Art. 14 Abs. 1 ODR-VO
The European Commisson provides under a plattform for online-dispute resolution.

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Effective as of 13th June 2022

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